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  Fiction Novelist

Author J. Asmara

The Woman Behind The Pen

J. Asmara is the CEO of Elite Professionals Publishing and a bestselling author of several works of fiction to include erotica, suspense, and drama. The Beaufort, South Carolina native's author journey began in 2014 when she explored her passion for writing through her self-published debut novella When It Raynes. Since then J. Asmara's catalog includes the When It Raynes trilogy, the Virtually Challenged trilogy, And Then There Were Two, Enough, Exotic Fruit, and her latest work Situationz: Love, Lust, & Lies. J. Asmara's unique writing style has garnered her national attention, as well as placed her in the UBAWA'S Top 100 Authors of 2017. J Asmara enjoys public speaking where she is able to connect with her readers and share from the heart, her own personal journey, as well as encourage others to discover their passion and follow their purpose.